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Friday, July 20, 2018

Special price of the fastest Internet for students

What kind of Internet does a student need? Of course, the best – says social media star, model and IT+ host Elita Citovičiūtė.

Elita, on behalf of Penki network, invites Vilnius students to prepare in advance for the next academic year. From July 16, students who have signed the contract for 9 months will be able to purchase the Internet at a special price: tariff plan GO (100 Mb/s) for 6.90 €/month, RUN (1 Gb/s | 500 Mb/s) for 7.90 €/month, FLY (1 Gb/s) for 8.90 €/month.

„High-speed Internet was a sign of luxury some time ago, but things have changed. Fastest Internet in Lithuania is available also for students now. For example, if you choose FLY tariff plan (1 Gb/s), offered by Penki, it will cost you only about 30 cents per day“ – Elita says.

Price is not the only advantage – so is a term of contract. Students are offered to sign a contract only for an academic year, for 9 months. According to Elita, students do not want to take on long-term obligations and sign contracts for 12 or 24 months because of several reasons. Often, they do not have permanent place of residence, also, they come back home, travel or work abroad on summer holidays.

The offer is valid from July 16 to 31 October 2018. Customers are asked to present student ID or another document confirming the status of student. In addition, Penki offers to buy interactive TV (7 €/month) or unlimited mobile 4G Internet (11 €/month).