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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Only for Students! Special Price of the Fastest Internet

The Penki fiber optic network offers Vilnius students to prepare for the academic year in advance and take care of the most convenient way to get information in the modern world - fast Internet.

From July 22, students who will sign a contract for 9 or 24 months can order the Internet at special prices: GO plan (100 Mbps) - 6.90 €/month, RUN (500 Mbps) - 8.90 €/month, FLY (1 Gbps) - 10.90 €/month. Additionally, you can order IPTV (7 €/month) or unlimited mobile 4G Internet (11 €/month).

When preparing a special promotion for students special attention was paid to the terms of contract. “Тhe academic year lasts 9 months, and many students during the summer holidays go to their hometown or to earn money abroad. That is why we adapted the terms and offer to order the Internet for 9 months. For those who reside in Vilnius, we recommend to order a plan,” says Ernesta Kuzmickaitė, Head of Penki marketing.

According to her, access to the global network has long been no surprise. Young people order high-speed Internet.

“More students prefer the plan with the fastest Internet. The youth seeks to have all the newest and the best. Internet speed of 1 Gbps is not a fashion, but a necessity. Students choose a plan that allows multiple devices to be connected to the Internet simultaneously and download large files,” says Ernesta.

The Internet is especially important for students who study remotely during real time video conferences. The fastest Internet guarantees high-quality video transmission without sound and images delaying. It is also important when communicating with relatives or friends online.

Today students often combine their studies with work from home.  The high-quality Internet is necessary for them. A stable connection and high speed are also important for those who appreciate the highest quality video, enjoy online games and watch live broadcasts.