Reliable Internet connection: stable business guarantee

Modern business is unimaginable without the Internet. People use it to look up and share information, perform purchase and sale transactions, accounting and data analysis, communicate with customers, etc. So it is obvious that fast and high-quality Internet connection can determine business efficiency and offer competitive advantage. Read more »

An office without wires and noisy servers

Not so long ago, it was rather usual to see workstations with numerous wires lying under the desk in an office of any company. This situation still occurs. However, in modern innovation-driven companies, the number of desktop computers is dropping; these are replaced by laptop, tablet PCs, smart phones that are not physically connected to the workstation. Read more »

Wi-Fi solutions offered by “ProfIT”: for a productive and flexible work

A company “Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras” that provides outsourcing of IT services “ProfIT” to business customers offers Wi-Fi network solutions (Wi-Fi as a Service) that contribute to productivity improvement and cost reduction. Read more »

Google plans to offer Wi-Fi access equipment to businesses

Google Inc plans to offer Wi-Fi network hardware and software at a discount to small and medium-sized businesses. Read more »