Flood water no match for Brazil's porous pavement

Brazilian researchers have developed a new type of permeable pavement that can store rain water and ease the impacts of floods. more »

Brain waves from thoughts used to move cursor

A cursor on a computer screen can be controlled using thoughts about a range of vowel sounds, research has found. more »

Fifty years after Gagarin, Russia still looks skyward

Fifty years after Russia's Yuri Gagarin became the first man into space, Moscow is determined to maintain a leadership role in space exploration, despite recent problems with satellite launches and increasing competition from countries like China, Japan and India. more »

Clock that monitors your sleep

During sleep the body actively restores it's energy and condition. more »

Lifelong learning – a mandatory tribute to a self-respecting personality

Penki Кontinentai Training Center was set up in one of the oldest and most innovative ITT companies, and now counts the second decade. Politicians, businessmen, artists and entertainers have learned and acquired skills here during these years. more »

Robotic bird takes flight into the future

Researchers say they have succeeded in deciphering the flight of birds, "one of the oldest dreams of mankind.". The team, from German automation company Festo, say their robotic seagull that can take-off, fly and land autonomously. more »

Ethical dilemmas in scientific research

"All research, however good its intentions, necessarily involves risks," Oxford University neuroscience professor Colin Blakemore explained at a workshop on "ethical dilemmas in brain research" held by Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) team. more »

NASA spacecraft snaps Mercury

NASA's Messenger spacecraft delivers its first photos of Mercury and the first images ever taken from the rocky planet's own orbit. more »

Discovery astros kick off first spacewalk

Discovery reached the ISS on Saturday, two days after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center, for its 39th and final mission. more »

First 3D images of the sun

NASA has released for the very first time on Sunday images that show the complete surface of the Sun. more »