PayTaxi payment and loyalty solution for taxi cars

Published: 9 October 2015 y., Friday

ASHBURN International, UAB, (ASHBURN) has adapted the usual payment card technology for taxi companies and developed a PayTaxi payment and loyalty solution. In early September, it was launched with A2B taxi cars of Amber Vilnius, UAB.

After the installation of payment terminals with the PayTaxi solution, customers are able to pay for their ride using disposable, reusable or prepaid cards made specially for them and containing a predefined amount of money. The customer has to swipe the card through the payment terminal and enter his/her PIN code, thereby paying for the ride. At the end of the month, he/she shall receive an invoice for the services. Design and number of cards as well as the amount of money held in the card account are agreed on individually in every given case.

According to Tomas Peleckas, Head of Amber Vilnius, UAB, the new system has successfully replaced paper checks that are still used for the business. “We believe that paper checks are an inconvenient and outdated payment method; the customers are forced to always carry paper checks with them, store them, fill them in manually and calculate travel expenses at the end of the month. This task is entrusted to administrators who could use this time way more efficiently.  The new solution enables us to issue invoices accompanied by detailed reports on card transactions, which facilitates accounting significantly”, explained T. Peleckas.

The taxi company also receives detailed reports on payments and has the opportunity to monitor and administer payments in real time. If necessary, additional reports – both technical and financial – can be drawn up.

All payment cards are assigned a unique number and a PIN code, thus it is impossible to tamper with the data and accounting becomes highly accurate. The solution fully meets the requirements of an international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which ensures maximum security of the card data. Card holders can also accumulate points, get discounts and pay for third-party services, all of which promotes customer loyalty.

The new solution is easy to adapt for other services sectors, for example, catering establishments, gas-stations, hotels, etc.

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