BS/2 representatives visited far-off Mongolia

Published: 4 July 2011 y., Monday

At the end of June this year, representatives of BS/2, a member of the Penki kontinentai group of companies, visited Mongolia. During the trip the BS/2 representatives visited clients, including Khan Bank, which has the largest network in the country and its partner Tridum e-Security, to discuss market news and possibilities and prospects for further cooperation.

BS/2 Sales Department Manager Paulius Bučelis says the Mongolian market provides many opportunities to expand business.

P. Bučelis commented: “The market in far-off Mongolia truly opens the door to a lot of opportunities for companies. Both the legislation in Mongolia and its national policies are conducive to the expansion of business, including banking technology. The country’s most promising bank, Khan Bank, is already introducing some BS/2 banking technology and is showing an interest in various software programming solutions to help it with its administration and to solve problems that arise”. 

Participation in the Discover Mongolia 2011 programme, which is organised by Mongolia’s Golomt Bank, became the principal highlight of the visit. BS/2 representatives, along with representatives from world-class companies such as MasterCard, Visa and China Union Pay, were able to use the arrangements of this annual event to get a first-hand acquaintance of Mongolia’s history, culture and traditions.

The three-day event started off with the organisers’ charity project: the opening of a children’s park, in which a playground had been installed, along with green zones. Later, guests visited the National History Museum of Mongolia and in special events organised away from the city they enjoyed horse-riding, flying in hot air balloons and displays of national culture organised by cultural societies, followed by impressive fireworks. At an official dinner with the Board of Golomt Bank, Discover Mongolia 2011 participants discussed present and future business possibilities.

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