BS/2 Awarded for Its Successful Performance at Wincor Nixdorf Partner Summit

Published: 19 November 2014 y., Wednesday

At the end of October, the representatives of “Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos” (BS/2), which forms part of “Penki kontinentai” group, visited Prague that hosted “Regional Partner Summit Europe”, the annual summit for partners of the German company “Wincor Nixdorf”, the global leader in the production of banking equipment.

BS/2, a long-term golden partner of Wincor Nixdorf, was appraised at this event for its active development of services and good results. In comparison to previous years, joint financial performance of “Wincor Nixdorf” and BS/2 increased by 60 per cent this year. It is the best result in the last five years.

BS/2 won the “Service Banking 2013/2014” award for its successful business in Georgia. Tomas Augucevičius, Deputy Director at BS/2, says that the company’s business in this country is not limited to the supply and maintenance of banking equipment. “Wincor Nixdorf” banking equipment occupies 90 per cent of the Georgian market and “BS/2 Georgia”, our subsidiary company of banking technologies, successfully collaborates with the country’s largest banks and is renowned as a reliable partner. Along with the ATM maintenance services in Georgia, we actively install our banking software products and new devices that enable banks to offer an even wider range of services to their customers”, said Mr. Augucevičius.

BS/2 has also won the “Special Achievement Banking 2013/2014” award for very good sales results in Moldova. According to Tomas Augucevičius, it was determined by many years of experience in the market and active cooperation with the business partners who work in this country. “We have been working in Moldova for more than ten years. As a result, we are well acquainted with the country’s banking sector and its needs. We continually monitor the rapidly growing Moldovan market as well as closely and actively cooperate with “DAAC System Integrator”, our partner in this country. All this brought us the record high sales”, said Mr. Augucevičius.

Another “Special Achievement Banking 2013/2014” award has been shared by BS/2 with the partner “Komtec” that operates in Azerbaijan. The award has been presented for the companies’ successful performance in the banking sector of Azerbaijan, such as the installation of specialized software solutions as well as equipment supply and maintenance.

This year’s “Regional Partner Summit Europe” brought together over 150 partners of “Wincor Nixdorf” from 30 countries. Participants familiarized themselves with the innovations in the field of banking and retail equipment introduced by the German company, discussed the results and shared their experiences. In addition, “Wincor Nixdorf” offered its partners a substantial leisure program, which included an opportunity to explore the Old Town of Prague and learn more about the history of the city, a ride an old tram, and listen to the opera.  

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