Asian Forum on Banking Technologies 2014: Modern Banking Technologies and Solutions

Published: 18 December 2014 y., Thursday

Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), which forms part of Penki kontinentai Group, organized Asian Forum on Banking Technologies 2014 at the beginning of December. This specialized annual banking event was held in Kyrgyzstan this year. Representatives from Kyrgyzstan banks gathered at the forum to discuss issues of the Asian banking sector and share their experience. They also had an opportunity to get acquainted with BS/2 software solutions as well as innovations of its long-term partner, German bank equipment manufacturer Wincor Nixdorf.

Paulius Bučelis, the Head of Sales Department at BS/2, says that rapidly developing Asian banks value the benefit provided by modern technologies and show active interest in their capabilities. ‘Asian banking sector is big and continuously growing, therefore the demand for modern banking technologies is also increasing. Banks in this region are expanding and streamlining their affiliates by actively deploying modern hardware and software as well as following the world trends. BS/2, which has a two-decade experience in the Asian banking sector, is constantly observing these markets, and offers professional banking products and services that meet their needs’, says P. Bučelis.

At the forum, BS/2 introduced the .iQ product family. This is a multi-functional set of software solutions, specifically designed for the financial sector, to be used in business process analysis, management and optimization. According to Denis Korobkov, the Head of BS/2 Software Sales Division, bank representatives were very interested in cash flow management systems, so BS/2 introduced Cash Logistics.iQ software solution to them. ‘This modern software helps banks reduce money collection costs and time consumption by 25% by planning and generating money collection requests. Besides, it ensures cash operation automation and document circulation, cash allocation process accountability, and flexible response to market changes’, says D. Korobkov.

According to the specialist, the forum participants had many discussions on security issues that are becoming increasingly topical with the expansion of banks. ‘We introduced ATMeye.iQ solution that has been deployed and used in over 50 thousand self-service devices all over the world. This solution ensures monitoring and security of self-service devices as well as reduces risk of fraud and vandalism. Moreover, it is easily compatible and suitable for the equipment provided by different manufacturers’, says D. Korobkov.

Many bank representatives also expressed interest in mobile solutions that are becoming an integral part of the banking sector. At the forum, BS/2 introduced a convenient, functional and easy-to-use mobile solution Mobile Banking.iQ. It allows bank customers to safely perform various banking operations on their mobile devices, and receive thorough reports and information about bank's services. The solution Mobile Banking.iQ is a part of the BS/2 mobile platform Mobile.iQ.

Next year, Asian Forum on Banking Technologies is supposed to be held in Kazakhstan.

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