"Penki kontinentai" Welcomed "Wincor Nixdorf" In Vilnius

On June 8-9 Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Reinhard Rabenstein and Sales Manager in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Anna Pankraz of German concern "Wincor Nixdorf", the world’s leader in the production of banking equipment visited the headquarters of "Penki kontinentai". more »

Convenient tool to serve customers for insurance brokers

Insurance brokers already have a convenient opportunity to quickly serve their customers who pay for insurance services using payment cards. more »

Penki Kontinentai and Wincor Nixdorf mark the 20th anniversary of their cooperation

At the end of May, Penkių Kontinentų Bankinės Technologijos (BS/2), which forms part of Penki Kontinentai group, marked a significant date – the 20th anniversary of its cooperation with Wincor Nixdorf, a global leading manufacturer of bank equipment. more »

RESTA 2015: cost-efficient and practical growing cities

On April 22–25, this year, Vilnius hosted the 22nd international construction and repair exhibition RESTA 2015 that annually brings together professionals and amateurs in the construction industry, and attracts much attention of the media and general public. more »

RESTA 2015 Exhibition: growing cities and smart solutions

On April 22–25, this year, Litexpo Exhibition and Congress Centre in Lithuania will host the 22nd construction and repair exhibition, which is the largest in the Baltic States, i.e. RESTA 2015, intended for business professionals and those interested in new products offered in the market. more »

Lithuanian Business Confederation paid its respects to the country’s business leaders

On the 16th of April, this year, Vilnius University hosted a congress of the Lithuanian Business Confederation (LBC) that brings together more than 3,200 Lithuanian companies and over 20 Lithuanian business associations. The purpose of the event was to discuss the accomplished and future tasks, to honor the country’s deserving businesspeople and members of the public. more »

Let the entire world know about your event: part III, after the event

The long-planned event is over. Do you really think this is it? No way! You have to let everyone know how amazing the event was, especially if you are planning to organize the same event next year. You can get help from the team of Penki TV studio. more »

Let the entire world know about your event: part II, during the event

So the event that took extensive and thorough planning begins. However, your work does not stop here: you have to make sure that everything goes as planned and scheduled. Advertising is not over yet. more »

ProfIT encourages companies to move Windows Server 2003 to clouds

Microsoft made an announcement that on the 14th of July, this year, it shall end the support for Windows Server 2003 server operating system. Companies are already encouraged to opt for Windows Server 2012 operating system, because the migration takes considerable amount of time: one week to one month. more »

Let the entire world know about your event: part I, getting ready for the event

All organizers hope that their event will attract as many visitors as possible, but can you make the event open not only to the people in the venue, but also to those outside it? Nothing is impossible nowadays! more »