Microsoft revenues hit a record as Xbox sales soar

The US technology giant Microsoft said its annual revenues hit a record of $69.94bn (£43.4bn).Sales of the company's Xbox 360 videogame console and its Office software helped fuel the growth. more »

Fujitsu Next Generation Color e-Paper Module

Fujitsu demonstrated a next generation cholesteric LCD color digital paper module at the International Digital Publishing Expo. more »

Apple to Start Producing iPhone 5 in August – Morgan Stanley’s Report

Apple’s next iPhone will begin production in mid to late August and ramp aggressively. more »

Is the Rimino concept phone the future of mobile technology?

People who create concept designs for future technology always have the luxury that their ideas don’t have to be practical or possible now, just cool enough to get people excited about what might be created one day. more »

Investment Values Twitter at $8 Billion

While Twitter isn’t rushing to go public like some of its larger peers, the microblogging service has no problem luring deep-pocketed investors. more »

Skyping on Facebook

Free video chat is coming to Facebook. more »

Nokia‘s Windows of opportunity?

Nokia is still one of the biggest names in mobile phones but the company is in rapid decline and profits are sharply down. more »

GSM is 20 years old

Wireless connection standard "Global System for Mobile Communications“ (GSM) this year on July 1st has reached 20 years of age. more »

HTC Eternity and HTC Omega Coming Soon?

Not long ago we heard a rumor about HTC’s upcoming device supporting a 12 megapixel camera; now we have some info about two more novelties. more »

Amosu Couture Gold iPad – More Glamorous Version

While the Stuart Hughes iPad Supreme Editions command respect and an astronomical price, there are other ways to glamorize your brand-new tech toy. more »