Baltic Development Forum Summit focuces on possibilities to overcome Baltic energy isolation

Published: 1 June 2010 y., Tuesday

Baltijos plėtros forume
One of the most important topics for Lithuania - efforts to overcome energy isolation of Lithuania and other Baltic States and to strengthen energy security in the Baltic Sea region – is included into the agenda of the Baltic Development Forum (BDF) Summit, which started on 1 June in Vilnius.

Participants of the Summit will discuss the implementation of projects, which are foreseen under the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan that was approved last June. The projects aim to overcome energy isolation of Lithuania and other Baltic States, to reduce dependence on a single external supplier of gas, to create a common region’s energy and gas market and to integrate it into a common energy system of the European Union.

The financial instruments that are necessary for the implementation of the projects under the Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan will also be discussed.

Lately, some progress has been achieved in the area of the creation of electricity energy market. Therefore, gas projects and issues relating to the creation of gas market will receive a lot of attention during the event.

During the Summit, the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant project will be presented to the countries of the Baltic Sea region. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland are participating in the implementation of the project. It is expected that the implementation of this project will strengthen energy security in the region and will reduce the pollution that negatively affects the climate change.

The event will stress the role of the region’s countries in tackling climate change and in respecting commitments on the use of renewable energy sources. Participants of the Summit will discuss technology development opportunities and their significance for modelling the low emissions economy. Discussions will be held on particularities of the use of renewable energy resources in the region, possibilities to increase the competitiveness and energy efficiency by integrating the energy markets of the Baltic Sea region.

During the Summit, a discussion “Green Corridors - New Transportation and Logistical Concept” will take place at Lithuania’s initiative. The core of the Green Corridors is the adaptation of region’s transport links and infrastructure for developing new technologies, as well as making intermodal and energy efficient decisions.

The discussion aims to promote regional cooperation and exchange experience in the area of the development of Green Corridors, to help attract investments, to apply new technologies and, eventually, to accelerate the creation of high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation system in the entire Baltic Sea region.

The BDF has organized such Summits in the countries of the Baltic Sea region annually since 1999. Influential personalities from business, politics and academic community gather to discuss the current economic situation and possibilities to improve it, the European Union’s policy in the Baltic Sea region, and to search for mutual cooperation opportunities.

The fact that the Baltic Development Forum Summit is held in Vilnius shows that Lithuania has established itself as an active state in the Baltic Sea region.

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